How it works?

Make a reservation at one of our Home Restaurant in few minutes. 
Select what you want to eat
Select city
Select date, lunch or dinner
Our system will list all available DomoGourmet events, according to the kind of food, date, time and city you have chosen.Now, you can view each available event page reporting the following information:
1) host's presentation, story, aspirations, thoughts, along with pictures and description of the location, dishes presentation and preparation, raw material description and preparation shown by pictures and videos. You can also read other customers' reviews 2) each of them will report reviewers' actual name in order to provide truthful and clear information
3) after having chosen location and host, just click the reservation button and proceed with credit card payment
4) you will receive the ticket directly to your e-mail address, as long as Google Maps coordinates directly to your mobile phone.
Easy and intuitive.


If you own a restaurant or a home restaurant and want informations on how you can also have our customers and to be paid before they arrive, write your name and a phone. We will contact you as soon as possible.