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Rising star Rachel Zegler has just been chosen for the drive in the hunger games prequel, and fans couldn’t be more excited. The 21-year-old actress looked absolutely stunning in West Side Storybut something you might not realize is that she’s a petite 5’2!

It’s true, said Zegler People that she wore heeled boots to hide her height: “I have these black four-inch cherry-colored Doc Martin heeled boots that I actually wore when my feet were off camera in West Side Story because my first man is 6ft 4in and I am 5ft 2.”

Zegler eats healthy to maintain her slim little figure, but she also has to maintain her energy levels for all the singing and dancing she does throughout the day. So what are the eating habits of the future hunger games star follow to dazzle us on screen?

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Both a singer and an actress, Zegler has some secret tips for protecting her voice. His go-to for delivering epic performances? She skips her Starbucks. “I cut out a lot of caffeine because caffeine can dry out your vocal cords,” she said. vogue on West Side Story. However, that doesn’t mean the celeb has given up on coffee altogether: “Since I finished West Side StoryI’m very happy to incorporate my cup of coffee in the morning now, so it’s been a godsend,” she said. vogue. While we don’t know Zegler’s exact coffee order, we do know that she’s a Starbucks fan (like most of us). The actress posted a photo on instagram holding a Starbucks cup on the tray hello america.


Another of Zegler’s singing hacks is a dairy-free diet. “When I was doing West Side Story, I felt a lot of pressure to constantly be on my game. It was mostly vocal. And when you’re very stressed, it can affect your vocal cords. But I cut dairy out of my diet,” she said. vogue. Giving up dairy has more benefits than just preserving your singing voice – Eat this, not that! reports found that a dairy-free diet can reduce bloating, improve digestion, and clear your skin.

plate of hummus

Snacks are essential for busy days like Zegler’s. The Cinderella the actress tries to keep her snacks healthy, even if the portions are a bit larger than the size of the snack. “just the stress of a whole jar of hummus. i’m not well”, Zegler tweeted. Hummus definitely seems to be one of her favorites, to say the least, but thankfully, it has plenty of health benefits. Eat this, not that! reports have shown that hummus can improve digestion, support bone health, reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Colombian dishes

The Latina star eats Colombian food whenever she can because not only are there healthy options, but she loves connecting with her culture. “I love being Colombian, I love the food, the music, the dances and the culture,” she said People. “It’s something I didn’t fully understand until I worked in West Side Story and I was surrounded by the most Latinos I have ever been surrounded by.” One of his favorite dishes is a seafood dish called paella. Zegler posted a picture of a delicious paella on instagram– Yum!

assorted cupcakes

Zegler is in her early twenties, so she can definitely afford to indulge herself with desserts. The star posted a photo of a box of cupcakes on instagram with the caption: ‘march so far’. Many celebrities leave room for sweets in their diets, including the Rock’s famous cheat meals.

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