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Nellore: Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu opined that stressful life, unhealthy eating habits and sedentary work patterns lead to diseases and asked people to contribute their mite to build a strong nation and called individuals and non-governmental organizations to play an effective role in the effort.

He launched a medical camp at the Swarna Bharat Trust on Thursday, run by his daughter Deepa Venkat. He said a nation becomes healthy, wealthy and powerful when people are involved in these activities. Daily exercise, yoga and other healthy practices are essential for an energetic life that leads to building a strong body and a healthy soul, he said. Venkaiah Naidu said majority of people rely on fast food due to lifestyle change and advised them to give up fast food for healthy life. Traditional and ancient cuisine is healthy and health advice suggested by the ancients should be followed, he said. He said young people need to focus on their health and their recent eating habits indicate unhealthy practices. A disciplined life is essential for them to face the challenges of a stressful life to protect young people from diseases, he said. A team of doctors from Global Hospitals organized the medical camp at the premises of the Trust and provided medicines.