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From burgers to cupcakes, vending machines have come a long way from selling simple convenience products like potato chips, chocolate bars and Gatorades. The latest price of vending machines? Subway fresh sandwiches.

In 2021, America’s largest sandwich chain embarked on a transformation journey by refreshing its entire menu, a move that resulted in “significant growth across digital channels and renewed passion for the brand among consumers.” customers and franchisees,” according to a company statement.

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Now, in its continued efforts to reach customers in new locations and increase sales, the company is eyeing “grab & go” opportunities outside of its more than 37,000 restaurants. Through the use of kiosks, coolers and, yes, vending machines, Subway is looking to set up shop in places like airports, hospitals, offices and convenience stores, according to catering company.

In fact, the fast-food brand is already testing the vending machine concept at a few US airports, including Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. And the new strategy seems to be working.

“Consumers come there, they buy them,” Trevor Haynes, Subway’s president for North America, said on an upcoming episode of the catering company podcast.

Last year, a Subway vending machine also appeared near a Subway store at the Tampines West Community Center in Singapore. A YouTube user posted a video in the fall, giving us a more detailed look at how the vending machine works. It’s open 24 hours a day and a touch screen allows you to order from a selection of drinks, salads and sandwiches, with options ranging from roast beef to turkey.

One commenter wrote, “I’m a chef and I could definitely see a world where most things are automated. I keep my menus easy to cook with simple and effective techniques that a robot could definitely do.”

So is this Subway’s future? Haynes says, “Bricks and mortar, we will continue to do more. But there are huge benefits in non-traditional channels.”

Subway is currently testing around 400 of these “grab & go” locations. A twitter user posted a photo of the Subway located at Wythenshawe Hospital in England, noting “Best veggie patty ever tasted post surgical testing.”

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