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Some people have the luxury of thinking about their assholes with relative sparseness. Sure, it’s there, but you never have to look at it, so as long as it seems to work the way God and nature intended, why bother?

These people don’t have anal sex, so is this stupid oversight really worth it?

Some degree of “mess” is a normal and sometimes unavoidable reality of backdoor gaming – and, to be perfectly clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about it. As Dr. Evan Goldstein, renowned anal surgeon and founder of Bespoke Surgical and Future Method says, “If you’re going to have anal sex, you better believe shit is happening.

Yet while reducing the mess and shame that too often keeps people from exploring or fully enjoying anal play should be a priority goal for all of us as a sex-having society, no one can really blame anal sex. havers for wanting to make sure they keep things super clean there. And that’s where Future Method comes in.

Co-founded by Dr. Goldstein and informed by his lived experience as an anal surgeon who has seen firsthand the havoc poor anal prep can wreak on an asshole, Future Method seeks to provide a science-based approach to sexual prep. and wellness for the LGBTQ community and beyond. From the first and only anal douche solution Actually compatible with your body’s natural chemistry (yes, that matters and no, tap water is not) to “Butt and Gut” probiotics that help backdoor enthusiasts protect the sacred anal microbiome, Future Method is a one-of-a-kind company in the increasingly saturated sexual wellness space. Their latest innovation? Anal Douche Powder Packs, the TSA-approved mobile answer to the sometimes awkward realities of anal prepping.

A sequel to Future Method’s Pre-Mixed Anal Shower Solution, (a one-of-a-kind product featuring a body-friendly, anal surgeon-approved formula, combined with a small, over-douching resistant ampoule) the powder are designed to maximize convenience while meeting Future Method’s unparalleled standard for truly and scientifically-friendly butt showers.

But first, a word about douching

Although douching has been a mainstay of anal sex preparation within the gay community (and the growing population of anal sex enthusiasts of all genders and sexualities) because, well, never will it hasn’t always been the best way to prepare for anal sex, cheers.

“Douching with tap and bottled water or with store-bought enemas damages rectal tissue,” says Dr. Goldstein. This damage is then compounded by the act of anal sex itself and can make individuals more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections and other complications.

For these reasons, Dr. Goldstein actually tends to advise versus douching. According to him, eating a good diet high in fiber (and likely supported by fiber supplements like Pure for Men’s Stay Ready line of products) and using the right probiotics should be enough to keep the vast majority of people clean and ready for anal sex. The bottom line (pun intended)? “Most people don’t need a shower,” says Dr. Goldstein. And excessive douching, unnecessary or inappropriate douching does far more harm than good to most people.

That said, Dr. Goldstein knows that people are still going to shower. This is due, in large part, to a deeply problematic shame and cultural obsession with “cleanliness” during sex (which is likely rooted in some enduring Puritan beliefs that view sexual activity of any kind as inherently “dirty”. morally speaking). , but we don’t have time to unpack everything yet). Yet Future Method is all about meeting people where they are.

“No matter what I say, people are going to keep showering,” says Dr. Goldstein. And they’re going to shower too much, they’re going to use unsubstantiated methods, they’re going to get HIV or STDs or have anal problems.

So for Dr Goldstein, the question then becomes, “How can we make people feel confident and comfortable and allow them to shower, but do it in a safer way that targets the communities we serve, and who ensures they do it the right way?

The answer? A doctor-developed, pH-balanced, butt-friendly approach to douching, first as Future Method’s original pre-mixed solution, and now with the brand’s anal douche powder packs.

What makes Future Method’s Anal Shower Powder Packs different?

Developed in direct response to consumer feedback, Anal Shower Powder Packs were created to provide the same level of butt-safe care as Future Method’s original Shower Solution, while maximizing convenience and customization.

Dr. Goldstein describes Anal Shower Powder Packs as a natural follow-up to Future Method’s Pre-Mixed Anal Shower Solution, informed by the unique needs of the communities Future Method serves. “Recognizing that consumers have ampoule preferences for cleaning, I created a one-of-a-kind powder solution to fit any ampoule, anywhere, with convenient packs, travel friendly and TSA compliant.

Anal Douche powder packs are simply mixed with water (a powder pack mixed with half a cup of water should do the trick) and are compatible with any bulb (since many seasoned douchers have already their favorite) and can be used on-the-go, anytime. Their body-safe formula contains a pH-balanced, isotonic, and iso-osmolar solution, which basically translates to: it’s formulated for maximum compatibility with your body’s natural chemistry. Plus, the powder packets are also formulated with panthenol, which is a hydrating miracle that helps keep things calm and hydrated, as well as licorice root extract to help comfort, soothe, and prevent irritation. irritation that often accompanies improper douching.

In other words, douching is made safer, easier, more convenient, and designed to help anal sex lovers of all genders and sexual identities feel more confident to explore the joys of anal play.

“Anal sex is just another way to seek pleasure, and there should be no shame in that,” says Dr. Goldstein. “Anal orgasms are in a category of their own and should be experienced by everyone. And our products are really, really developed for anyone with an asshole.