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Fasting refers to deliberately stopping eating, completely or sporadically, for a specific period of time. It usually lasts 12 to 24 hours and there are different types, such as intermittent fasting, water fasting, fruit fasting, etc.

Said to improve overall gut health and detoxify the body, Ayurveda highly recommends fasting for those able to do so. As such, Ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar took to Instagram to share the benefits of fasting, recommending a few healthy foods you can eat while fasting.

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“Fasting does wonders for your physical and mental health. It helps you with many health conditions, PCOS, obesity, high cholesterol, liver disorders, etc. “, she captioned the message.

Sharing her personal experiences while fasting, Dr Bhavsar mentioned that she found relief on the “emotional and spiritual level”.

What is the best way to fast?

The expert noted that different types of fasts will work differently from person to person. “Practice what works for you. To find out which one is right for you, you have to try it.

What are the different types of fasts?

* Quick drying (no food – no water)
*Fasting on the water
*fasting on fruit
*Fasting on liquids (herbal drinks)
*cereal fast
*Sugar and salt fasting
*Social Media Fasting
* Fasting from negativity
*IF (intermittent fasting)
*Circadian Fasting
*CIF (Circadian Intermittent Fasting)

Here are some Ayurveda-approved healthy foods recommended during fasting:

Coconut water is a refreshing choice for the summer months. (Source: Representative Image/Pexels)

* Dairy products (milk, curd, buttermilk)
*Rajgira/kuttu roti
*sabudana khitchdi (khichdi tapioca pearl)
* Sweet potatoes and boiled potatoes
*Coconut water/sugar cane juice
* Homemade sweets

Dr. Bhavsar warned against consuming junk or unhealthy foods while fasting. She said, “Please don’t resort to unhealthy fries, falahari chiwda and fried foods. It is better not to fast than to eat unhealthy foods that lead to various disorders.

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