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KOLKATA: The rise in temperature has led to lifestyle changes for many of the city’s residents.
Crowds of morning walkers switched to walks after dusk, fitness enthusiasts are skipping gym sessions or opting for less intense workouts, business executives are skipping afternoon market visits, more people are opting for home delivery of stationery and groceries, and a number of employees of companies and technology companies that practice hybrid mode of operation are currently opting for the work-from-home module.
“Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking morning walks and it’s helped me get back in shape. But it’s so hot these days that I got sick last week. So for two days, I have been going out for late night walks after work rather than sweating in the morning heat,” said Jadavpur resident Sutirtha Basu.
While several city gyms have complained of a drop in attendance in the morning, fitness trainers are focusing on less intense exercises rather than heavy workouts. “We’ve made significant changes to our workout pods and are asking members to spend more time on free-hand exercises. Additionally, we’ve changed the diet charts and asking every member to stay hydrated to avoid overheating. getting sick during training,” said Gagan Sachdeva. , which owns a chain of fitness centers in the city.
The heat becomes particularly exhausting for those who are on the roads in the afternoon. While some are forced to stay away for professional commitments, those who can adjust their working hours. Behala resident Arijit Bose, sales manager of a major cement manufacturing company, conducted his market and dealer visits starting at 8 a.m. and finishing at noon. If necessary, he leaves the office again after 4 p.m. Racing driver Ganesh Prasad’s program was similar. “Now I start driving from 5:30 a.m. and get home at 10 a.m. I go out again after 4 p.m. and drive until about 10 p.m.,” said Prasad, who drives on the Thakurpukur-Taratala road.
Shyambazar’s housewife, Arati Das, said the heat had forced her husband and father-in-law to stay indoors as much as possible – a feat she was unable to achieve even during periods of covid restrictions.
“It seems Covid has weakened us. I felt sick traveling to and from the office and since I had the option to work from home, I did,” said Soumya Banerjee, a resident of Hooghly who is a senior official of a technology company in Sector V.