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If you like to eat Kachori, today we are going to tell you the easiest way to prepare Kachori with potatoes. If you give this Kachori to your family members or children, they will benefit from it. Tell us how potato kachori is made.

Ingredients for Making Kachori Potato-

flour or flour
salt (to taste)
Hot water
2 boiled potatoes
whole cumin
Green pepper
ginger paste

Kachori potato making method- First, add salt to the flour and mix well. After that, knead the flour, adding hot water. Now the flour is kneaded, then apply oil to it and leave the lid on for a while. After that, put a pan on the gas and heat it up. Now that the pan is hot, mash the potatoes in it and make a paste. At the same time, when the potato dough is well done, then remove it from the gas. After that, put the oil, cumin, carom seeds, green chili and ginger paste in a pan on the other side and fry on gas until golden brown. Now, when all the ingredients are well roasted, add the potatoes, turmeric, salt and coriander powder to it and fry for a while. After that, take it out into a separate container. Now prepare small balls from the kneaded flour. After that, roll them all up and fill a little potato dough in the middle and close their mouths. After that, put oil in a pan and heat it on gas. Now, when the oil is well heated, put the prepared ingredients from flour and potatoes in the oil and fry until crispy. Now, when it is well cooked, take it out in a container and later serve it hot with green chutney or red chutney.

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