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Spiders can sneak into homes through the tiniest of cracks and cause a lot of nuisance. The experts at End of Tenancy Cleaning have shared their top tips for deterring spiders – for free or at extremely low prices.

One of the “best options” for deterring spiders, according to experts at End of Tenancy Cleaning, is to use peppermint oil.

This ingredient costs £1.98 in supermarkets and has been scientifically proven to repel spiders.

This is because spiders smell their paws, and as soon as they are hit by the irresistible smell of peppermint, they immediately run away.

Experts have recommended mixing peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle, then spraying the areas of the house most susceptible to spiders.

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Using citrus fruits is another foolproof and cheap method of deterring spiders, costing just 30 pence.

Citrus fruits, such as peppermint, have a strong spider-repellent effect.

All households need to do is mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with water and spray the mixture around the house to keep spiders away.

Wiping orange peels off windows and doors is another “effective and inexpensive” method of deterring them, experts say.

Another trick to deter spiders is to light candles.

This can rid you of pests as they dislike lemon, cinnamon and lemongrass smells.

A pack of small candles can cost £1.60 or less, and they can be placed on windowsills and near potential spider entrances, such as cracks.

However, it is worth sealing all the cracks in the house, such as those under doors and around windows.

Make sure window frames are properly sealed and try installing exclusion strips at the bottom of doors.