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MORE watermelon means an even milder summer.

Food expert Anahi Perez has posted a video revealing her simple method for cutting watermelon.


A food expert shared her quick and easy watermelon cutting methodCredit: TikTok/
Cut slices in half of the watermelon


Cut slices in half of the watermelonCredit: TikTok/

First, Perez starts by placing the whole watermelon on a cutting board.

Using a large chef’s knife, she cuts the watermelon down the middle to have two large halves.

Starting with one half, she flips it over so the pink of the watermelon is on the board and it’s touching the rind.

She then cuts that half in half again.

Instead of separating the two pieces, she uses the knife to slice the melon roughly every inch.

Once she has about six slices, she rotates the melon and does the same cutting method in the opposite direction.

The cuts in the melon will intersect and create a grid through the green rind.

Once this side is cooked, repeat with the other half of the melon.

This easy cutting method requires little effort and will save you from having to cut the watermelon into cubes.

It will also prevent you from turning your kitchen into a sticky mess.

To make snack time a breeze, Perez’s trick will make it easy to grab small slices of delicious summer fruit.

Viewers adored his trick, saying, “That’s really cool!”

Cut the watermelon into a grid pattern


Cut the watermelon into a grid patternCredit: TikTok/
Its cutting trick makes it easier to eat watermelon


Its cutting trick makes it easier to eat watermelonCredit: TikTok/

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