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If there’s one thing that helps make it seem like you’re not the only one dealing with life’s annoying troubles, it’s when celebrities turn out to be totally relatable. When famous people show they’re human like the rest of us when it comes to getting older, staying fit, and even having gray hair, it’s such a refreshing feeling. Congratulations to 53-year-old reality TV star Kyle Richards because in a new Instagram video she shows the world that she too has gray hair to deal with. What is she doing, you might ask? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out how Kyle Richards dyes his grays. And then be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong, Toned Arms in 2022, the trainer says.

the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The reality TV star recently showed her 3.7 million Instagram followers exactly how she deals with gray hair. Richards captioned her post, “If you know me you know I’m constantly battling my growing gray roots. @madisonreed Radiant Hair Color Kit in shade Modena Brown was a lifesaver for that much needed refresh! (emoji).”

The reality star opens up to her fans in the video, admitting she touches up her hair about “every 10 days”. Richards also said, “It’s time to color my gray hair.” She runs a comb through her long hair and adds, “Oh my god, I have so much gray hair. My hair is growing so fast, which I know sounds like a good problem to have. But when you have to do all that time, it’s not that great.”

Richards shows her fans every step she takes to color her gray roots brown, noting that the product makes her hair ultra-shiny and soft. Yes, the reality TV star dyes her hair gray like so many others do!

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Fans loved Richards’ video. In fact, it has over 476,000 views. Richards’ followers showed all the love with supportive comments on her page. One fan commented, “This is so refreshing to see! Thanks Kyle! Hello, I have gray too!!” Another wrote: “How do you make it look so easy!!!!??” Other fans prefer the gray team and left comments like “I think you would look amazing in gray.” Jamie Lee Curtis also joined the conversation, writing “GO GRAY BABY!” to which Richards replied, “No one rocks it like you!”

Richards explains that the video was made through a paid partnership with Madison Reed. The end of the video shows off the reality TV star’s non-gray hair, and it looks completely and absolutely fabulous.

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Everyone will eventually have gray hair. Genetics can be a major factor, but the fact is your hair doesn’t really “turn” gray, according to Harvard Health. When your hair is produced by a hair follicle, the color is whatever it is. If your hair is brown, for example, it won’t take on a different color, but hair follicles generate less color as you age. As your hair regrows, the regrowth will most likely be gray in color. Gray hair can start as early as age 35.

So the question is, should you color your hair or go gray? Well, the choice is entirely yours. It’s a matter of personal preference, and we agree with Richards fans: the star would look absolutely amazing either way. But we love this star’s dye job, and what we love even more is the fact that she shared it with all her fans to see.

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