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Before Holi, if you plan to make specialties, you can make sweets and almond katli in sweets. Yes, it can be made at home very easily and no one will refuse to eat it. So let us tell you today how to make almond katli.

Ingredients for making Almond Katli
250g almonds
A cup of milk
A cup of sugar
2 pinches of saffron
A teaspoon of ghee

Almond katli making method – First of everything, put water in the pan and heat it on gas. Then turn off the gas after boiling the water. Then add the almonds to this water and cover the pan. Now, after 5 minutes, open it from the jar, put the almonds in cold water and peel them. After that, add hot water and soak the peeled almonds for an hour. Now, when the almonds are swollen, remove them from the water. Then add the milk and almonds to the mixie and grind finely. After that, add ghee to the pan and heat it on gas. Add the marzipan, saffron and sugar and cook over medium heat. Now after that, keep dripping the dough evenly and cook it until the dough becomes like a soft kneaded dough. Turn off the gas now. After that, cool the dough and grease it by applying ghee in the tray. After that, put the marzipan into the ghee tray and roll it out thinly. Then cut the dough into a square or diamond shape. Now prepare the almond barfi.

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