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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: I’m here to settle the debate about the best places to live on campus for freshmen.

As a sophomore here at University Park, I’d like to say that I’ve talked to enough peers and had enough experience on campus to know what places work and what places don’t. .


I think East coming first is no surprise to anyone. I mean, if you didn’t put East Halls as your first choice when you applied to Penn State, I don’t believe you.

East has one of the best locations for freshmen due to its proximity to Beaver Stadium, the IM building, and outdoor tennis courts.

All freshmen need entertainment, and East is sure to provide it.

The fact that only freshmen live in the East makes it a great place for students to make friends and remove any social anxiety they might feel after moving to campus.

East also has a volleyball court, a basketball court, and a grassy area for people to lay out on in the warm weather.

Other bonuses of living in the East are snowball fights, twerking circles, and provocative messages spelled out in sticky notes on windows. Consider all of these essential parts of the freshman experience.


As a Pollock veteran myself, I can attest to the benefits he has, which led me to place Pollock in second place on this list.

Pollock is located closer to the center of campus, making it a great location to everything.

If you need to get to the HUB-Robeson Center, Beaver Stadium, IM Building, or the White Building, Pollock is within reasonable walking distance of all of them.

Pollock is also known for its large market and dining hall, making it a hotspot for people wanting to eat on campus.

Pollock also has enough lawn space for people to set up and do similar jobs in East. Although there is no volleyball court, Pollock has several basketball courts which are in constant use.

And for those of you who frequent the Pollock Testing Center, living in Pollock allows you to box in and sprint to the building in a timely manner.

Although none of Pollock’s buildings are renovated, I can attest that the dorms are not bad and are quite spacious. Plus, the amenities around Pollock are worth it.

One thing I will say is that the university needs to find time to modernize Pollock soon. I mean, it’s kind of disturbing that I lived in the exact same building as my grandmother when she attended Penn State.


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Next on the list is the south due to its proximity to downtown State College.

Living in the south means you’ll be close to restaurants and shopping, so you can get almost anything you need at any time.

Being so close to downtown can also be a hazard, as you might feel more inclined to spend money on nearby restaurants. Trust me, the money runs out fast when you live near Chipotle and Yallah Taco.

And of course, you’ll end up closer to apartment parties and fraternities, which means you’ll have to hike less compared to those in the East.

However, there are a few downsides to living in the South.

Not as many freshmen live in the south compared to the east and Pollock, so although the south offers a good location, it can be harder to make friends while living in the south.

The South Dining Hall was also closed on weekends for part of the fall semester, so it’s not always guaranteed you’ll be able to get food there.


The north is towards the bottom of this list because there isn’t much to do there.

North Halls is surrounded by many farm buildings and is close to the edge of campus, making it feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Freshmen can live in one of North’s living learning communities, or they can live in a renovated building in North: Robinson Hall.

Two advantages of living in the north is that it’s close to Berkey Creamery and it’s not too far east. On the other hand, it’s quite far from almost everything else.

Where is

Last and certainly least is West Halls.

Now listen, I’m not here to fight all the people who love West, especially since I know the dining room has good cookies.

I put West last on the list not only because it’s far from almost everything on campus, but because no one ever knows what’s going on there, which makes it a weird place to live.

Some friends of mine once went to West for dinner to try the cookies, and they ended up having to evacuate because of a fire in the kitchen.

I mean, what happens in the West stays in the West.

Just so I’m not sitting here bashing West all this time, I’ll say that West has a pretty disposition and seems like his own college separate from Penn State.

But other than that, West is too mysterious for me to give him a higher rank.


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