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One of the many ways butter is made into a paste is by creaming it with sugar. According to Land O Lakes, creaming these ingredients ensures even distribution in your batter. It also increases the volume of the dough by working in more air, which helps create a lighter, fluffier final product. But this may not be the easiest method.

Eat this, not that! notes that it is important to take care when creaming butter to ensure it is done correctly. Doing it incorrectly could result in disappointing baking or destroy your stand mixer. One of the most important keys, perhaps, is to make sure you’re working with softened butter. Throwing cold butter into your mixer probably won’t mix as well and may even overload your stand mixer as it tries to cream the butter. Remember that butter can take up to an hour to fully soften, so try to plan ahead.

One way to soften butter faster and ensure it’s creamy is to cut the butter into small cubes. This allows the butter to reach the right temperature quickly, and it won’t overload your blender. This way, the butter will easily break down to mix completely with the sugar and take on that light, airy texture you’re looking for.