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Little Light Bread and Soup Co. gives customers the option to pay what they can.

GREENSBORO, NC — Gas prices, childcare, groceries — the price of everything is rising and some are wondering where their next meal will come from. A Greensboro restaurant hopes to feed the community with its salary you can model.

“This song says my little light, I’m gonna let it shine,” said Frances Gladden, a customer of Little Light Bread and Soup Co.

Gladden was talking about how the children’s gospel song was an inspiration behind the restaurant’s name and mission.

Little Light Bread and Soup Co. has been a shining light in the community as they served food. Anyone can come in, sit down and eat, without paying a penny or leaving several. That’s all the customer can afford.

“It’s a labor of love. Serving my community is why I get up in the morning,” said restaurant owner and chef Caitlin Ryan.

Ryan first opened the restaurant amid the pandemic.

“I started making liters of soup and bringing it to anyone who asked me. Whether they wanted to pay or not didn’t matter. I started making so much soup that I broke the stove in our rental house,” Ryan said.

Ryan opened the Yanceyville Street storefront in May 2020. After a brief period of closure, they changed their name and reopened about two weeks ago.

“I come here as a regular every week,” Gladden said.

Gladden said she not only loved the soup, but also the ministry.

“It’s a really good blessing for businesses to give back to the community,” Gladden said.

“We just try to make people smile with food,” Ryan said.

A company that continues to shine in such a dark world.

Ryan said the best way to help is to come and eat!

Little Light Bread and Soup Co. also recently became a nonprofit that helps provide funds to keep its doors open.