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Per Newsweek, a woman had the audacity to eat her burrito filling with a fork, then followed that convention trend by eliminating the empty tortilla. The horror! The woman’s partner posted on Reddit with the caption, “My wife eats the filling from her burritos with a fork, then eats the empty tortilla shell.”

There are 1,500 mixed reviews on Reddit’s r/mildlyinfuriating forum, with users comparing his method of ingesting a burrito from the inside to approaching a spider to devour its prey. Some said the burrito decorum offense warranted jail time. Others found it odd. The original poster has since deleted the thread, but the entertaining commentary is still available.

A Redditor argued in favor of the woman’s habit, saying it was “less messy.” Another echoed that sentiment, divulging his preference for eating spring rolls the same way. Other filler-first supporters shared that they like to scoop the inside of their burrito with fries. It would be great with our giant burrito recipe.

One Redditor sums up the debate best by proclaiming, “All those people making fun of her are still out there eating burrito bowls out of a cardboard bowl like fools. She’s found the secret to a better life, c ‘is all.” Eat your burrito the way that makes you happy. And when it’s time for dessert, don’t hesitate to use this knife and fork to portion your Snickers bar. It is class.