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Alison Hammond was comforted by fans on This Morning after breaking down on live as she spoke openly about eating disorders and how she feels obesity is often omitted from the conversation.

The Birmingham-born star was hosting the show on March 4 alongside Dermot O’Leary when she burst into tears as she grappled with the issue of an eating disorder with Deidre Sanders. Alison did her best to hold back tears at the start as the trio discussed the issue: “Obviously I’ve had…now I’m getting mad…I’ve had obesity my whole life and this that it is, it’s your regulation the system is out of whack so you can’t control the desire to eat all the time and stuff.”

As Dermot moved in to comfort her, Alison added: “People help anorexic people but they don’t help overweight people, and that’s why so many people turn to surgery and things like that, because that we don’t know what to do.” Alison continued to apologize before Dermot grabbed her hand and moved closer to comfort her: ‘I’m so sorry people just don’t realize,’ she added.

Alison Hammond breaks down in tears as she talks about obesity and eating disorders this morning, before being consoled by Dermot and Deidre

Deidre then rushed across the table to hug Alison as Dermot sent the show to a commercial break. Meanwhile, This Morning fans took to Twitter to share and support Alison:

Sal tweeted: “QUEEN! Never apologize for being real. Please continue to be you shamelessly and speak for so many of us who have no voice and who are judged. I send you all my love. And thank you”

Lucy added: “I have happened to turn on the television to see #alisonhammond to #this morning talk openly about their own history of #obesity and #feeding frenzy. Crossing an invisible line so we can feel what she feels. So much admiration for his empathy and courage.”

Hayley said: “Alison showing her vulnerability and struggles on TV is why I love her so much. She’s so close to so many people! Just wanted to hug her. #ThisMorning @AlisonHammond”

A Tweet from Kyra read, “Very brave of @AlisonHammond to share on #ThisMorning will help so many people. X”

Richard also tweeted: “#AlisonHammond never apologizes for speaking out about the lack of education & support for those stuck in a mental rut sorting out their eating habits #Respect #ThisMorning”

After the break, Alison apologized again: “I was in the moment. It’s hard, when you’re fat people think you’re lazy but what the hell don’t they care? don’t realize it’s a chemical imbalance. I got carried away, I felt like I was at home watching.”

Dermot responded with ever-increasing support, adding, “‘You don’t have to apologize. You are an inspiration to me.”

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