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The method game has been in the news a lot lately, mostly thanks to Jeremy Strong and Jared Leto. Granted, Strong’s colleagues aren’t bothered by his method of action so much as they are concerned about its impact on his mental well-being, while Leto is so invested in his method that people with who he works don’t interact with him character until they show up at the premiere. As Kayleigh noted last week, the man almost single-handedly killed the concept of method acting for an entire generation. It’s toxic, and no one wants to be associated with it (it apparently hasn’t hurt Leto’s career, as he’s lined up a role in Aronofsky’s next film, as well as tron 3.

As is the subject of the dayactors are often asked about it in interviews – he even came up with Jake Gyllenhaal SNL monologue – and I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone recently say they’re okay with the choice of actor, which is probably because most of them endured working with a method actor at some point in their career. The last to ask this question is Will Poulter, the We are the Millers star whose career has steadily gone up after phenomenal turns Midsommar and Dope, among others. More recently, he starred as Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and just completed her Marvel body transformation (“I’ve been through periods of staring at food and feeling like I can’t handle it, then you blink and the next minute you’re ready to eat furniture because you’re so hungry.”)

As for the acting method? He disagrees, as he told The Independent:

“For me, it was not necessary. On Detroitmy African-American colleagues – whom my character was responsible for brutalizing – and I were all very united in this challenge, and we got to know each other and hang out.

Can you imagine going all out as a racist? I’m sure Leto can.

“As far as an actor’s process, whatever it is,” Poulter continued, “as long as it doesn’t intrude on anyone else’s and you’re considerate, then fine. But if your process creates an inhospitable environment, so to me you’ve lost sight of what’s important.Method action shouldn’t be used as an excuse for inappropriate behavior – and it definitely is.

How can he do not lead to inappropriate behavior? Wikipedia lists the actual side effects of the method acting as if it were a debilitating mental illness that causes fatigue, fear, anxiety, shame, irritability, sleep deprivation, personality changes, and psychotic disorders. Channeling the WeWork guy isn’t worth it, man!

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