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A group of Turkish scientists has developed a “smell of year” for Covid-19 patients whose odor perception changed after recovering from the disease. The therapy, published in a scientific journal based in the United States last year, is now used in several clinics for patients coronavirus recovered worldwide.

Prof. Aytuğ Altundag expert in Otorhinolaryngology and Surgery of the head and neck, and his team are responsible for “the exercise / treatment changed smell” for parosmia, disorder smell after infections Covid-19. This disorder causes distortion smells and is evident in the long patients Covid-19 because of the damage inflicted by infection with olfactory receptors and certain parts of the brain. In some cases, patients begin to perceive the smell of coffee as bitter or that of rotten onions, according to experts. Some patients find even the slightest unbearable body odor. Although this side effect of the virus may seem insignificant, in some cases it leads to eating disorders and, therefore, weight loss and depression.

Altundag said Thursday the Anadolu Agency (AA) that parosmia was widespread with Covid-19. He said their method, which involves nine months of therapy with different smells and about a month to people with less severe symptoms, is now used in US clinics and they were looking to change more depending on different cultures and from different countries.

The first step involves exercises that qu’Altundağ called “classic” smells of rose and lemon eucalyptus. Depending on the patient’s response, more odors are added, green jasmine tea and gradually as the year progresses, smells more “spicy” are introduced to the patient. The smell of exercises are tailored to each patient. “We first perform an olfactory test with patients and check their hedonic scale because the meaning can vary for each person. Some people do not like the smell of eggs, while for others, are onions, “he said.

Altundag noted that patients who undertook the exercises have fully recovered from the loss of smell.

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