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  • Many are eager to learn more about the Mayr Method diet – the diet behind actress Rebel Wilson’s successful weight loss.

    The Mayr Method is a low-carb diet like no other – this plan isn’t just about what you put on your plate, but also how you eat it. Mindfulness, chewing, smell, and fluid intake are all important factors in this extreme diet. And dieters should adhere to strict rules on these matters while completing the 14 Day Diet.

    Perfect Actress Rebel Wilson has openly credited the Mayr Method with helping her lose weight during her “Healthy Year.” Yet, as its popularity has grown as a result, dietitian Claire Muszalski is careful to point out that this is not a long-term diet: “Some of the concepts of the diet have advantages, like chewing your food well for easier digestion, eating consciously and slowly, eating a hearty breakfast. However, any extremely restrictive diet can be difficult to follow. And any diet that promises dramatic results in 14 days is usually short-term water weight loss that doesn’t lead to lasting lifestyle changes.

    What is the Mayr Method diet?

    The Mayr Method diet is a set of dietary principles prescribed by Austrian doctor Dr Franz Mayr in the 1920s.

    The doctor firmly believed that people unknowingly poisoned their digestive systems because of poor food choices and eating habits. And he was passionate about writing this evil with his “Mayr Cure” – which is the diet.

    “Its main focus was digestive health, and the diet is designed around gut health, mindfulness, timing and limiting certain foods for weight loss,” says Claire Muszalski, dietician at Myprotein.

    Today, Dr Mayr’s method has been popularized (and modernized) by Dr Harald Stossier from VivaMayr Spa Resort in Altaussee, Austria. It was there that Australian actress Rebel Wilson visited a friend before embarking on her ‘Year of Health‘. And it’s those lessons learned in the clinic that have been credited with her recent weight loss.

    “The Mayr Method diet is a mixture of common sense like taking your time to chew and avoiding snacking, while drinking plenty of water (except around meals)”, explains Daniel Herman, nutrition coach at Bio synergy. “It also includes new thinking about balancing the body’s acidity by eating more raw and alkaline foods. Except after 4pm after which it is suggested that it may lead to gas as it is not properly digested.

    Individuals are discouraged from stress eating while following the plan, consciously chewing on the name of the game. Jezebel a retired journalist, VivaMayr asks them to count 30 chews per bite.

    “There’s also a lot of emphasis on the smell of food,” Dan adds. “As a means of circulating digestive juices to help better metabolize the incoming meal.”

    Those who cannot afford a clinic visit can follow the 14 Day Diet Book written by Dr. Stossier of Viva Mayr.

    Mayr Diet Method – Key Principles

    According to Viva Mayr website, the following 7 principles guide the diet:

    1. Eat very slowly – the slower the better: “It gives your digestion less work because the food that passes through it has already been broken down,” says Dan. “It also allows you to really taste and notice your food; a bit like mindful eating.
    2. When you start to feel full, stop: This prevents you from overeating and consuming unnecessary calories.
    3. Drink water only between meals, never when you are eating: Drinking less than an hour before meals and less than an hour after finishing a meal is not recommended because the liquid is said to dilute the digestive juices, thus disrupting the digestion process.
    4. Eat a lot for breakfast, less for lunch and less for dinner: Dan explains that the Mayr Method diet also promotes breakfast as the biggest meal of the day and encourages a balanced plate. At the Viva Mayr itself, dinner is served at 5 p.m.
    5. Eat before 7 p.m. – avoid eating later: “As your digestive process slows down during the day, at night you want it to do as little work as possible,” he explains.
    6. Eat raw food before 3 p.m. – anything later needs to be cooked: “The reason no raw food after 3pm is again to give your digestion a break,” says Dan.
    7. Do you have the feeling that this is not right for you? Don’t eat it! The clinic will not make you eat anything that you are not comfortable with.

    How Much Weight Can You Lose With The Mayr Method Diet?

    “There is no set amount of weight to lose as a goal. However, the diet promises’a flatter stomach, radiant skin … and a beachy body ‘», Explains Claire dietician.

    “It is designed to be a 14 day diet, so dramatic weight loss can be temporary and difficult to maintain if you immediately return to a normal diet.”

    The best example of how much weight you could lose by following the Mayr Method diet is Rebel Wilson. the Perfect star has lost over 60 pounds in the past two years. But it’s important to note that while this follows much of the teachings of the Mayr Method, Rebel has also relied on exercise and other healthy principles to lose weight.

    The plan actively encourages low-impact, low-pressure exercise like walking, hiking, ballet, gymnastics, and any other sport you enjoy playing. Rebel herself shared that she is now an avid hiker, often enjoying hour-long walks.

    What can you eat with the Mayr method?

    A balanced plate of protein, some carbohydrates, and lots of fruits and vegetables is what you should eat while on the Mayr Method diet.

    “In general, it seems to focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein, and healthy fats,” says Claire. “The diet also shows a preference for foods with a high alkaline pH.”

    Additionally, there is a rule that you can only eat raw food before 3:00 p.m. and cooked food after 3:00 p.m. And that carbohydrates should be limited in your evening meal.

    There is good news however; a glass of wine every now and then is good for you with a meal. As long as you keep it in a glass. As with other liquids, the Mayr Method diet encourages drinking water instead of snacking. And it’s important that you don’t drink an hour before, after, and during your meal. As they believe, it disrupts efficient digestion.

    Foods to Eat According to the Mayr Method Diet:

    • Fruits: apples, bananas, pears, berries, orange, kiwi
    • Vegetables: peas, Spanish beans, peppers, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms
    • Fish: salmon, torut, tuna, mackerel
    • Me at: chicken, turkey, lamb, beef
    • Cereals and pulses: legumes, edamame beans, lentils, oats, risotto, buckwheat, millet, polenta
    • Nuts and seeds: chia seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, flax seeds,
    • Beverages: water (not within an hour before or after eating), herbal teas

    A typical day at Viva Mayr begins with a healthy breakfast of quinoa porridge or spelled bread. Followed by soup or a plate of fish and fresh vegetables for lunch. Then, lean meat or fish served with cooked vegetables is the third and last meal of the day.

    Those on the Mayr Method diet for 14 days are limited to three meals per day and do not take any snacks.

    Indeed, science does not support snacking. With a Study in the Netherlands reporting that regular snacks (especially snacks with hidden sugar or high in fat) contribute to obesity.

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    Foods to Avoid in the Mayr Method Diet?

    • Dairy: milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cream and ice cream
    • Gluten: bread, pasta, cereals, cookies, crackers and any food containing hardly any wheat or rye such as
    • Processed foods: cookies, cereals, fast food, processed meat
    • Foods high in sugar: sweets, pastries, fruit juices, sweeteners
    • Drinks : sports and energy drinks, more than a cup of coffee

    You should also avoid large portions of food and eat too many carbohydrates while on the Mayr Method diet.

    As for coffee: you are entitled to one in the morning. But after that, herbal teas and water are recommended.

    What are the advantages ?

    ?? Better digestion: “SSome of the concepts of the diet have benefits such as chewing your food well for easier digestion, eating conscientiously and slowly, ”says Claire.

    ?? Clear structure: “It doesn’t involve dietary restriction or calorie counting, so for most people it should be something that can be followed and adhered to,” says Dan.

    No bad food: “Cutting out highly processed foods and too much added sugar can benefit everyone, ”Claire tells us.

    What are the disadvantages ?

    ?? Lack of scientific evidence: “TThe concept of alkaline foods has been refuted for its effectiveness; our stomachs are so acidic that the pH of the food we eat doesn’t matter, ”explains Claire, citing a 2017 study.

    ?? Removes certain food groups: No dairy or gluten products are allowed on the plan. And it prevents you (and your body) from getting certain essential nutrients from these foods.

    ?? No water with meals: The Mayr Method diet discourages water an hour before meals. But one 2015 study found that participants who drank water 30 minutes before their meal lost 2.8 pounds more than those who did not.

    ?? The weight will come back: “Any diet that promises dramatic results in 14 days is usually short-term water weight loss that doesn’t lead to lasting lifestyle changes,” says Claire.

    ?? Expensive: A visit to the retreat will cost you around £ 4000 for a week.

    ?? Difficult routine:Some of the mealtime rules are also unrealistic; we all have different schedules and it seems complex to follow, ”Claire tells us.

    The Mayr Method diet: the verdict of a nutritionist?

    For dietitian Claire Muszalski, the negatives outweigh the positives of the Mayr Method diet. That’s why she wouldn’t recommend it to others:

    “While some of the tenets of a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy fats have merit, the restrictive nature of the diet (and the high price of a stay at the associated resort) do not. seem to be realistic for the average person, ”she tells us.

    “Yes, gut health is important, but science doesn’t support the emphasis on alkaline foods and when to eat raw versus cooked meals. “

    Instead, she advocates healthier food choices and regular physical activity. With the two together for long term and lasting weight loss.

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