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For many, no meal is complete without a spoonful of their favorite dish. dessert at the end. But, did you know that it is not advisable to end your meals with sweets? On the contrary, Ayurveda suggests starting your meal with sweets for better digestion and nutrition, Ayurvedic expert Dr. Nitika Kohli said in an Instagram post.

According to her, the timing of sweets and the state of consciousness during meals increase either ojas (vitality) or ama (toxicity). As such, it is necessary to be aware of its eating habits.

“The following rules will serve as a guide to tapping into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and using it to create health, vitalityand energy from sweets,” she wrote.

Here is why it is suggested to consume sweets before your meals, and not after them.

*Sweet takes the longest to digest.

*Eating the sweet product first allows the circulation of digestive secretions, she explained.

*Dr. Kohli added that by consuming sweets after your meal, “you would slow down your digestion“.

*Beyond digestion, “eating sweets at the start of a meal would activate the taste buds”.

* “Having sweets at the end can put out the digestive fire and can cause fermentation and indigestion due to acidic secretions,” the expert said.

*Finishing your meal with sugar can also lead to gas formation and bloating.

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