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Welcome to Plathville Fans have rarely kept their opinions to themselves and are now taking on Moriah Plath’s eating habits and rituals.

*Trigger Warning*

In general, Welcome to Plathville Moriah Plath is often a topic of conversation among viewers, but many don’t think it’s fair to talk about his eating habits. The budding singer has had a tough season thanks to her split from Max Kallschmidt, which left fans worried for her. Now some are even speculating that she is struggling to stay healthy.

Welcome to Plathville Fans first met Moriah, the rest of his siblings, and his parents, Kim and Barry Plath, when Season 1 aired in 2019. The series follows the conservative family as parents believed their children shouldn’t grow up watching TV or eating sugar. Moriah has always been the black sheep of the family and wanted more from her life when it came to her fashion and opinions. Over the course of four seasons, viewers began to wonder whether or not Moriah was getting a bit narcissistic. Moriah has done her best to find herself on her journey of self-discovery, but it has often led her down a dangerous path.


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Recently, many fans in the u/Jealous_Sherbet The Reddit thread began theorizing that Moriah had an eating disorder. The editor said: “Moriah didn’t say she had erectile dysfunction[…] not all look one way so there’s no way to know. “This type of speculation can be harmful and triggering for the individuals in question. Moriah has never disclosed any issues with food or spoken openly about any form of eating disorder. The speculation by Welcome to Plathville fans is unwarranted. because it is never acceptable to question someone”s health based on how they look. Viewers put a stereotype on Moriah because she is shorter. Moriah’s brother, Micah Plath, is a role model, but no one ever questions whether or not he has eating issues.

Moriah Plath Welcome to Plathville Season 4

It doesn’t feel like Welcome to Plathville viewers ponder the consequences of this type of speculation. One Reddit user even said her breakup with Max might have made her eat less. “That’s fucking rude. She is already small, and grief and severe depression can make it very difficult for some people to eat.“, they concluded. The stigma of Moriah has driven many fans crazy, and say that some people are overreacting to Moriah’s eating habits. Although many of these conversations take place on forums, it is not just speculating that someone eats If Moriah has a problem and wants to talk about it, it’s his prerogative to do so, not the fans.

While Moriah, who’s been called a hypocrite, can make bad food decisions like Pop-Tarts for breakfast, fans have to learn not to speculate on someone’s eating habits. Welcome to Plathville fans should remember that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Fans shouldn’t jump to the worst conclusion based on someone’s body image.

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Source: u/Jealous_Sherbet/reddit

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