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World Mental Health Day 2021: Let’s Talk Eating Disorders | Photo credit: iStock images


  • World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10 across the world
  • The theme for World Mental Health Day 2021 is “Mental health in an unequal world”
  • WHO slogan for World Mental Health Day 2021 is “Mental health care for all: let’s make it happen”

New Delhi: October 10 is celebrated as World Mental Health Day across the world. This day aims to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and address the various mental health issues that people face around the world. This day also calls for a concerted effort to mobilize the means to help and support those who are suffering. There is a lot of stigma associated with mental health that prevents people from opening up and talking about their mental health issues. This can lead to further deterioration of mental and physical health. Additionally, due to factors such as lack of availability of mental health care, inadequate resources and financial complications, it may not be easy for everyone to benefit from mental health health care facilities. .

The theme for World Mental Health Day is “Mental Health in an Unequal World”. The slogan of the World Health Organization (WHO) is “Mental health care for all: let’s make it happen”.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are mental health problems characterized by unhealthy eating habits that can directly and indirectly harm the body. Most eating disorders are often fueled by body dysmorphia, a mental health problem that causes an obsession with correcting perceived flaws and flaws in appearance. Here are some common types of eating disorders:

Anorexia nervosa: It is one of the most common eating disorders and is defined by unhealthy eating habits that are very restrictive. People with anorexia nervosa practice calorie control, avoid food, are dangerously underweight, and follow a rigorous exercise routine to lose weight. Some common symptoms of this disorder are:

  • An unhealthy pursuit of getting skinny or thin
  • A distorted body image
  • Correlate body weight with self-esteem
  • Restricted and unhealthy eating habits
  • Being underweight
  • Fearing to gain weight

Bulimia nervosa: This condition is marked by unhealthy consumption of food over a short period followed by a purge to compensate for the calories consumed. The purging is often carried out by laxatives, excessive exercise, enemas and vomiting. Some common symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Episodes of unhealthy binge eating
  • Fearing to gain weight
  • Using purge as a method to lose weight
  • A distorted body image
  • Being underweight

Binge eating disorder: This condition is characterized by unhealthy eating habits that involve binge eating, that is, consuming unhealthy portions of food in a short period of time and behavioral stress. Some common symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Eating amounts of unhealthy food, whether you are hungry or not
  • Feeling guilty about excessive behavior
  • Uncontrollable binging patterns
  • Unhealthy weight gain

Disclaimer: The tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or dietitian before starting a fitness program or making any changes to your diet.