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bodyweight exercises coupled with a low-calorie diet can help achieve health goals, experts say. But did you know that bodyweight exercises can also target individual muscles and help tone them? Yoga trainer and fitness influencer Juhi Kapoor recently shared three effective exercises that are great for “fat loss and leg toning ».

“Three exercises to help you reach your fat loss goal and tone your legs. These exercises are great for beginners as they use the support of a wall – allow you to balance better and keep proper form,” she said in an Instagram post.

She also demonstrated the three exercises.

What are the exercises?

Wall sit-ups (modified squat)

*Practice three sets; one minute each

Wall slots

– Both legs should be at 90 degrees to each other.

* Train on both sides – three sets of 20 reps each

One-legged wall deadlift

– Keep your hips straight. Avoid leaning to one side or the other.

* Train on both sides – three sets of 20 reps each

Who can do this?

“Anyone can do this exercises“, said Kapoor, adding “especially for those who are very obese, it is very suitable because you need low impact workouts. “

She said it can be done even by beginners, but pregnant women should exercise caution and avoid the last exercise as it requires balancing on one leg. “Older people can practice slowly with caution, and people with knee pain are advised to keep their knees and ankles in one line; if you are in pain during any of the workouts, avoid it,” she suggested.


Not many contraindications, as they are simple exercises, Kapoor said. However, those who suffer from severe joint pain or arthritisankle or heel pain, should avoid.

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