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Don’t be shy, we know you’ve Googled “how to poach an egg” at least twice in your life. Or maybe “egg poaching hacks” or “easy egg poaching methods”. And yet, you still find yourself here, on this page, asking the same question. Why? Maybe you haven’t yet found the foolproof method you’ve been looking for to take your breakfast or brunch game to the next level.

Well, my dears. Look no further. Because we’re *pretty* sure this is the easiest poached egg hack we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a LOT of it.

There is the oven method. The microwave method. Even the sieve method. But have you heard of the ladle method?

We’re willing to put money where it’s easiest. There’s virtually no room for wiggle room for you to crack the yolk or end up with a pan of stringy white. This method guarantees a perfectly formed poached egg every time. And you probably already have a ladle at home, so what’s stopping you from trying it!

How to Ladle Eggs

Bring a pan of water to a gentle simmer, then lightly oil your ladle. This helps to ensure that removing the poached egg is a stress-free affair and that your precious poachie will slide from spoon to toast with just the slightest push.

Next, crack your egg into the ladle before gently lowering the ladle into the pan until the edge of the spoon is level with the surface of the water. If a trickle or two of simmering water finds its way into the ladle, fear not: it will make poaching the egg quicker and easier.


Once your white is ready, remove the ladle from the water. You can also tilt the spoon against the side of the pan to remove the water, if you can see any. Then just slide your egg off your spoon and presto. Perfect poached egg.

We love how this method guarantees a perfectly spherical poached egg: ideal for an Eggs Benedict, a boujee-like Avocado Toast – or to impress your friends the next time they come over for brunch.

We’re pretty sure this method will quickly become a staple in our cooking repertoire.

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