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Parents polishing the food off their children’s plates is perfectly ordinary, but one mother shared that she went so far as to rinse and eat her son’s pasta.

An American mum has explained her unusual strategy for reducing food waste, asking viewers if it was “weird”.

The woman walked through her meal in a video on TikTok in which she explains what she did with the pasta her son skipped for lunch, the Mirror reported.

Rather than throw it in the trash, she decided to reuse it for her own dinner.

And while that might seem innocent enough, one talking point left viewers baffled – as the mum washed the sauce down the sink so she could make herself a new sauce.

In the clip, the mum could be seen rinsing cooked pasta under the tap in a colander before making her own additions to the now-ordinary carbs.

The woman, who posts under the username @myplantbasedfam, said: “I need you to settle a debate for me.

“I wanted a different kind of pasta, and my son didn’t touch his pasta during lunch.

“So I decided to save the pasta by rinsing off the sauce and creating the pasta I wanted to have again, namely the kimchi pasta I had in my previous video my friend made – it’s really good, you should try it.”

People were split over how TikToker @myplantbasedfam repurposed food

She concluded: “But my husband thinks it’s really weird that I did that. He was looking at me like I was crazy when I was rinsing that pasta.

“So I need to know, is this weird or is this a good way to reduce food waste?”

The video’s caption reads, “I feel like I’m about to get my feelings hurt by posting this,” followed by a cold sweat emoji.

And as the food hack sparked a debate between the mother and her husband, people in the comments were also torn by the idea – some said it was “awesome” but others called it ” weird”.

One person said: “It’s a good way to reduce your waste. Otherwise it would have gone in the trash and when you had an idea to use it, why not?”

Video screenshot of a person rinsing fusilli pasta in a colander placed in a sink
A mum rinsed her son’s leftover pasta and ate it with a different sauce

While another added: “No I love it. I cringe every time I throw food away for some reason.”

But someone else disagreed, saying: “I wouldn’t – that’s weird. I would have either eaten my kids’ pasta [as it was] or I saved it for later and ate what I wanted. But more power to you.”

“I would do it for my kid but probably wouldn’t do it for me because for some weird reason it feels weird to me,” wrote a fourth.

The mum then responded to some of the comments and agreed her methods were “unconventional” but insisted it was working for her and her family so she doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon.

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