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A large part of the Indian population likes to eat with their hands. From having dal and chawal to gorging on masala dosa, eating such dishes with your hands, for many, is the way to go. In contrast, a viral video shows a food blogger demonstrating how to eat masala dosa with a fork on Instagram. The video, however, drew strong disapproval from netizens.

In the viral video, food blogger, Mansi Shiv Rathi was seen eating the authentic South Indian dish, masala dosa, at a restaurant. With the help of the fork, she dug a hole in the middle of the dosa and was seen scooping up some of that tasty potato mix with the crunchy dosa and finally dipping it into a hot and tangy sambar . Mansi, mainly shares food blogs related to the cuisines she tastes, on her Instagram account. “Sharing how I eat a MASALA DOSA :p! (sic),” she captioned the post.

Netizens disagree with food bloggers’ method of eating dosa

Food stylist and blogger, Mansi Shiv Rathi recently uploaded a video to his Instagram profile @_pizzandpie_ explaining how to eat dosa with a fork; the video did not please Internet users. While some thought the idea was useful and liked it, many thought it was pointless.

Since being shared, Mansi’s video has piqued the curiosity of netizens, garnering 592,000 views accompanied by 37,000 likes. Comments, however, were divided on whether the technique was good or bad. Several viewers savored the technique and wrote, “Creative hmm…(sic)”.

One user exclaimed, “Absolutely stunning,” while another wrote, “Helpful technique to reach masala easily. Mixing chutney with sambar is weird”.

On the other hand, many criticized his way of eating, “We don’t use knife and forks with parathas, kachoris or samosas, please learn the proper way to eat dosa first before eating it. tell others (sic),” a seemingly upset user commented. Take a look at some other reactions below:

(Picture: Unsplash)

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