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Fasting is a popular diet technique used by millions of people and praised by a number of experts and celebrities. With plenty of success stories, it seems to be working, and The Chase star Paul Sinha has managed to drop a stone from the diet method.

The Sinnerman, as he is known on the show, lost weight after his mindset changed following a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in 2018.

The quiz then took part in the ITV documentary, Diabetes: The Fast Fix, which saw him live on 800 calories a day for a month to see if he could “fast himself better”.

This is an extreme weight loss method and slimmers should consult a doctor before attempting it.

It is not uncommon for people with type 2 diabetes to put the disease into remission by losing weight.

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When it comes to losing weight, he gives himself a little love and enjoys how his body reacts when he respects it.

“I’m grateful that my body has always behaved,” he said.

“When I misbehaved the weight always went up, when I behaved well the weight went down.

“I know it’s up to me, I have no excuses, I don’t have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism or weak bones or anything like that.”

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When people participate in a fast, they consume fewer calories than normal, which reduces their overall calorie intake.

This is a must on a weight loss journey because burning more calories than people consume leads to weight loss by causing several changes in the way the body stores and burns fat.

Along with weight loss, studies have also shown that fasting can improve blood sugar control, heart health, brain function, and cancer prevention.