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Lois and Clark had a lot to do in this episode as they dealt with a weird doppelganger, a sister who joined the dumbest cult in the world, the DOD being reckless and traumatic brain injury for the best friend of Clark.

Bizarro needs anger management

Superman and Lois leaned hard to make Bizarro the literal opposite of Superman. His hair is parted on the opposite side, his theme tune is the series theme tune reversed, he breathes fire instead of ice (like he does in the comics), and he kills. Clark is still plagued by visions of him and, unfortunately for him, Bizarro drops by the farm for a quick fight which is only resolved by John Henry throwing his hammer at them.

Clark and John Henry discover they can track Bizarro by his collar in some silly superhero logic you’re not supposed to think too much about. They need Mitch’s help since he has access to satellites. Mitch follows him and he sends the Supermen of America after Bizarro because he’s an overconfident jerk who thinks he has the biggest pee in the room. Bizarro quickly snaps the necks of the two Supermen of America Daytimers and Tag escapes with Bizarro’s necklace after Superman appears. John Henry has to go in the still-damaged suit from last season and ends up in the hospital for his troubles.

There’s been a lot of talk about this fight scene over the past few days. Fans of Zach Snyder movies laughed it off and compared it to Snyder’s DC movies. It’s absurd to compare a network TV show with movies that had a budget of over $200 million. Big budget movies have time and money to make things look great and even then you sometimes end up with janky CGI like in Black Widow and/or a few Snyder Cut shots. Network television does not have this luxury. What this show was able to achieve on a TV budget and schedule is amazing. It would be equally unfair for someone to compare the space you get for character development in a TV show to the character development you can get in a movie. Both mediums have strengths and weaknesses.

I just wonder why they talk about a show only via screenshots and little clips. If someone started bashing Steel man without looking at it, I know these people wouldn’t take this review seriously. I understand they are upset that Walter Hamada is bringing back the Snyderverse and Old Yellering. Todd Helbing, Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch and everyone working on this show didn’t make that decision. Maybe you actually watch the show and then you can critique or praise it. Excessive hate tweets about a show you don’t watch is pathetic.

silly worship

This episode featured the Post-Crisis version of Lucy Lane. The competent military prosecutor who was engaged to Jimmy Olsen is gone. Now that’s a mess who’s joined a cult about taking pills in a tub so you can see your true self. And Lois’ journalistic integrity is at stake for this stupidity. It’s hard to imagine people on the internet being on the side of a bathtub pill cult on Lois Lane, but I remember living in a world where people literally drink urine to get vaccinated and there are people who genuinely believe that Nancy Pelosi eats babies. Even with that, I don’t think it would be big enough to ruin Lois’ career. Oh, her sister says she saw another version of herself during an overdose and Lois let it go? So? Most people attribute this to the crazy talk of the bathtub pill cult.

It’s infuriating that Chrissy lost trust with Lois because of that shit. I understand it’s frustrating that Lois didn’t immediately reveal everything to Chrissy, but Ally Allston has the credibility of a podcaster telling you to eat horse medicine or a celebrity peddling NFTs. I hope Chrissy works on Ally and doesn’t use a bath bomb to make her overdose more soothing. Conning Ally for more info would be smart. Trust Him and participate in “Give me those pills so I can see my other self!” Nom nom nom” madness would be plot-induced stupidity. I get that plot-induced stupidity can sometimes be a necessity for storytelling, but I don’t think Chrissy is one to join a cult.

My issues with this stupid cult being a credible threat to Lois’ career aside, I think Elizabeth Tulloch and Jenna Dewan work well together. You could feel how much Lucy resented Lois for their mother leaving without talking about it. It makes sense that Lucy joined a cult. People with giant unresolved holes in their lives are looking for ways to fill them. It could be booze, sex, gambling, bangs when you don’t have the face for it and even a cult. You could see the frustration on Lois’ face that Lucy didn’t really hear her. Cults, however ridiculous, are masterful at separating people from their loved ones. Since Lois is a naturally aggressive person, she starred right into Ally’s Cult 101 storyline of “Everybody Wants To Get Us!” I am a victim! I’m interested to know how Lucy will be deprogrammed or if this downward spiral will continue.

Kyle cheated? Yeah, that makes sense

Lana continued her quest to become mayor as Mayor Dean started picking up dirt about Sarah. This was worrisome for Lana and Kyle considering Sarah’s suicide attempt two years prior. Unknown to Lana, Kyle had a secret that could be used against them. A bartender at a dive bar was his accompaniment. I don’t think anyone was so surprised that Kyle cheated. Do you remember Kyle at the start of the series? The man railed against Lois about mainstream media and got so drunk his own daughter had to take care of him. Kyle and Lana often argued. It’s easy to see Kyle falling over this woman like a fish out of water as she claimed he rocked her world.

Kyle has had some character development from those days, but he’s still not a saint. When he got sober, he should have confessed to the affair and let Lana make an informed decision about whether or not she wanted to stay married to him. I’m sure he had every excuse in the book. “It’s over. I don’t need to go back on this and hurt Lana by saying, ‘It wasn’t me. It was the booze’, ‘It’s okay now. Why shake the boat? Men will do all this mental gymnastics to get out of the responsibility.

I would support Lana and Kyle’s divorce. I know Todd Helbing and the writing staff like to use them as a dark contrast to Lois and Clark, but not every couple needs to stay together. This could provide new storytelling opportunities for Lana to be a single woman. John Henry is in town and he’s single. What would it be like finding new love? Lana hasn’t been out since high school. Throw these two in some scenes together and see if they could have a season three romance.

Random Thoughts on “The Reverse Method”:

  • Jonathan is officially on X-Kryptonite. Clark probably would have noticed if he had been at that practice, but he was busy with Bizarro. Hopefully it won’t take them too long to notice that something is wrong.
  • All mentions of Lois and Lucy’s mother mean she has to come this season or next. They need to go to the woman who traumatized them.
  • I’m glad Tag survived. I predicted that most if not all of America’s supermen would die and I was right. If Tag was dead, it would have indirectly been Jordan’s fault since he’s the reason Tag has powers in the first place.
  • Sam training Jordan seems like an interesting way to make him more relevant to the narrative since he left the Department of Defense. Sam could be teaching Jordan some valuable lessons or he could be getting some nonsense into his head. It could go either way.