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TikTok user “eric_shinny” posted a short 5-second video, asking viewers a simple question: what better way to dive into a McFlurry? Fries or McNuggets? Most reviewers, perhaps unsurprisingly, seemed disgusted with both concepts, preferring to keep their ice cream pure and free of salty and fatty foods. Still, some found themselves on either side of the unusual debate.

“Fries and ice cream are valid,” wrote one user. Another added: ‘Love both but nuggets of trouble,’ someone else added: ‘Fires and nuggets with milkshake try it’s BUSSIN.’

Where exactly does the idea of ​​dipping fries (or nuggets) in your ice cream come from? Although the answer cannot be attributed to a single person in time, a certain fast food chain is known to have popularized the idea. Wendy’s famous Frosty, according to PopSugar, is the most popular treat for dipping fries, thanks to the unique salty and creamy taste of both foods. Even Wendy’s himself made a Tweeter attractive people try to dunk their fries in a cup of soft-serve.

Wendy’s also suggested another thing people can tap into their Frosty’s — and before you ask, it’s not chicken nuggets.