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Twitch also updated its community guidelines to prohibit self-harming behavior and the sharing of graphic suicide notes.

Twitch has just announced updates to its Community Guidelines to prohibit self-destructive or self-destructive behavior. While Twitch has recognized the importance of discussing these sensitive topics constructively, the new guidelines provide specific examples of harmful behavior that could see content creators banned.


“Engaging in behavior that could endanger your life or that of those around you has always been prohibited on Twitch,” the streaming service wrote. on her blog today. “Last December, we changed the wording of our policy to make it clear that glorifying or encouraging this type of behavior is prohibited. Today, we are going further by adding specific examples of topics that are not suitable not to Twitch in the community guidelines.”

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The “Self-destructive behavior” section of Twitch Community Rules now lists several prohibited behaviors, such as “sharing suicide notes and/or graphic details related to an actual suicide.” Twitch noted that research has shown “that promoting detailed descriptions of suicide attempts can contribute to suicidal ideation and experimentation among vulnerable people.”

Twitch also added examples that include eating disorders, like saying you’re “pro-ana” or sharing diet plans that encourage fasting for three days and then binge eating on the fourth day.

“Eating disorders can have lasting effects on mental and physical health and have become increasingly prominent in teens and young adults,” Twitch explained. “As such, content that promotes weight loss strategies that explicitly or implicitly encourage eating disorders is prohibited, as is the glorification of habits characteristic of eating disorders.”

Twitch has struggled with content promoting eating disorders. YouTuber Eugenia Cooney, who battled anorexia, was banned on the platform last February. Twitch did not provide an explanation for the ban, but users speculated this was due to the perception that Cooney was promoting a dangerously unhealthy lifestyle.

Twitch is also revising its slur list following Hasan’s ban on using the term “cracker”. A Twitch spokesperson said last month that the streaming platform is “currently working with experts” to specifically reassess and in what context certain words are considered offensive.

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