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For Jada Pinkett Smith, making changes to her diet has turned out to be an eye-opener, especially in terms of how she feels on a daily basis (via Red Table Talk). “Every morning I tried to figure out why I was so weak, so downcast, so depressed,” she said, adding that after removing certain foods from her diet, she started to wake up feeling feeling much more energetic and happier. everyday. To be clear, the actress had to cut out specific foods due to her gut issues and consulted with nutrition experts before making the changes.

According to Harvard Health, the “gut-brain connection” is serious business and should not be dismissed. It is possible that if someone tackles intestinal issues (due to trigger foods or other causes), they may experience side effects such as mood swings, anxiety, and depression. due to the close relationship between the brain and the gastrointestinal system. It can work the other way around too: for example, if a person is preparing for an interview, they may feel nauseous before the event.

If you think you are having problems with your bowel, it is always best to see a healthcare professional for advice.